Your Fall Landscaping Checklist

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Fall is in full swing in Sussex County. It seems that as soon as the beaches close, our weekends are filled with fall activities like leaf peeping drives to places like High Point State Park, pumpkin and apple picking, hay rides, football games and more. Of course, back at home those beautiful leaves have already begun to littler the lawn, reminding every homeowner of their fall landscaping tasks.

While the lawn maintenance season is beginning to wind down, there is still quite a bit that needs to get done in the yard before that first snow fall, including: 

Fall fertilizing – An early and late fall fertilizer application are recommended for most properties to promote healthy growth next spring.

Transplant shrubs and perennials – Early fall, weeks before the first frost, is the best time to transplant shrubs and perennials that may have outgrown their current location this past summer. The air is cooler and there’s still plenty of time to water them in to their new location to establish roots before the first frost.

Plant spring bulbs– Once the ground has cooled, it’s time to plant bulbs for spring blooms in your garden to ensure an assortment of bright spring color in your yard and gardens.  This is also a great time to divide large areas of bulbs to replant in other garden areas.

Pre-winterize plants, shrubs, and trees – Now is the time to bring in any plants you’d like to winter inside, to install deer fencing to protect any winter guests from eating your hedges, and cut or tie back any tree branches that may be at risk to ice and heavy snow,

Final fall cuts – The last lawn cut of the season should be short to prepare for winter and prevent the growth of fungus.

Leaf removal – Last, but certainly not least, is leaf removal. Leaves and small branches will continue to fall over your lawn throughout this season. Fall clean ups are important to the health of your lawn. If a layer of leaves remains on the ground, it can smother and kill the grass as well as becoming a breeding ground for pests and fungi.

Many Greco Landscaping customers have already scheduled fall cleanups.  If you’re a new customer or a returning customer who would like to schedule a fall cleanup, you can reach our office at 973.209.4306 to request a free estimate.


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