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Property Maintenance

Lawn maintenance doesn’t mean just maintaining the grass in perfect height; it is that and so much more! Our experienced team can provide year round maintenance which includes caring for all aspects of your outdoor spaces. Whether it is mowing your lawn, pruning, mulching, or garden design and maintenance, Greco Landscaping can help you. We offer weekly lawn mowing services, along-side seasonal services such as pruning & mulching. You choose the services that will make up your lawn maintenance package. Our flexible billing handles all this seamlessly whether you bundle it together or separately.

At Greco, lawn care starts at our shop. We have a maintenance manager on site and we take care of our equipment meticulously.  We also have or have access to the latest equipment in order to be cost efficient and to save you money.

Lawn Maintenance Services:

Weekly Lawn Service-Our professionals will provide weekly mowing, edge trimming, and blowing off of walks & driveway to ensure that your property looks its best.

Pruning  -To beautify & promote nurtured growth of trees & shrubs you should prune – But different trees and shrubs need to be pruned at different times. Let our knowledgeable staff ensure the beauty of your investment.

Mulch (any time)- Mulching helps keep moisture in & control weeds. Available materials: Cedar, Hemlock, Hardwood, Rubber, Playground. Colors include: Brown, Black & Red.

Bed Rejuvenation-Re-edge, clean, and cultivate mulch beds for a crisp, meticulous look.

Curb Appeal-From fall bulb planting, garden design to containers with pizzazz, we know how to create curb appeal!

Drainage- We can solve tough drainage issues.

Party and Event Preparation-Need a quick makeover for an important party or event?

We make it easy for you to use Greco Lawn and Landscaping for your year round outdoor needs