Is Your Yard Ready For Winter?

Essential Late Fall Landscaping Tasks

It’s been one of the strangest fall seasons in recent years with record highs and lows. Our landscape crews are working hard to complete fall cleanups before the end of the season. Make no mistake, winter is coming.

Here are some of the final tasks that should be performed before winter’s first snowfall.

  • Late fall fertilizer application – This final fertilizer application deposits nitrogen for better fall and winter lawn color, stronger root/turf system through the winter, and earlier spring growth.
  • Cover plants and shrubs with burlap, canvas, or bags specifically sold for this purpose – Extreme cold, winds, and deer can damage valuable plants and shrubs. While most healthy plants will weather winter without incident, newer and more delicate plantings may need extra help. Covering them for the winter is one way to help protect your investment. This includes:
    • Newer plants that haven’t had time to harden off for winter.
    • Plants susceptible to a hungry deer population.
    • Protecting against winter burn. These brown spots on evergreens sometimes occurs because of transpiration, the evaporation of moisture in the needles that occurs as result of photosynthesis. When a plant is not able to replace the lost water due to drought or heavily frozen ground, they will dehydrate. Winter burn in evergreens can cause death to the plant in severe cases, but most likely leaf loss. (Source:
  • Cut broken branches – Removing obvious dead tree and shrub branches before winter’s snow, wind, and ice can help prevent further damage to the plant or tree and potential property damage if left to fall or blow away on their own.

Before the ground freezes you can still plant spring bulbs and water any new trees and shrubs. If you still have houseplants outside, it’s time to bring them in for the winter.

As always, we’re here to help. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below. And if you still need help finishing your final, fall landscape to do list, we can help with that too. Call our office at 973.209.4306 today.


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