From Rick’s Desk: The High Cost of Skipping Plant Healthcare

Make a lasting impression.

Everyone wants to make the best, first impression. When asked, most people will think of their appearance or their clothes. What would happen if you stopped taking care of yourself? Maybe you stop showering, skip a haircut or two, and start wearing sweats everywhere. Not such a great impression, right?

It’s the same for your home. Your landscape not only makes a first impression for your neighborhood, home, and family but it also contributes to your home value.  Skipping Property Maintenance and Plant Healthcare shouldn’t be an option.

What happens when I skip plant healthcare?

Your lawn and shrubs may look good right now, but it does not take much for crabgrass to take a hold of your lawn. And  just one missed horticulture oil application could put all your  shrubbery at risk for a spider mite infestation later in the season. Staying ahead of a potential threat will save you money in the long run.  Saving a few hundred dollars by skipping Lawn and shrub treatments this year could result in thousands next year in either the higher cost of remediation verses prevention or in the cost of removing and replacing some or all of that beautiful, mature hedge or ornamental trees.  Having a licensed applicator providing routine inspections during the year, allows him to see and treat a pest or fungus before it becomes a problem.

You can’t afford not to.

The reality is, by the time you notice something is wrong with your lawn or trees and shrubs, it may be too late to cure it without some loss.  But you can take steps so that does not happen to you.  Maintaining your landscape with a Plant Healthcare contract carried out by  a  landscape company with a licensed pesticide applicator  will ensure the greatest threats against your landscape are monitored. This investment in your landscape’s future will help to improve your home value, maintain curb appeal, and more importantly, ensure a great first impression.

Questions? Please feel free to comment below or email us. You can also call our office at 973.209.4306 to schedule a free assessment and  Plant Healthcare estimate.



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